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Bugsy Brown

Introducing “Bugsy” Brown!

Name: Bugsy Brown
Age: 15
Birthday: May 1, 1996
School: Hoppin’ High
Favorite Subject: Biology, Harestory, Teethonomics
Favorite Book: Hop on Pop
Favorite Holiday: Easter of course!!
Favorite Foods: Brace Friendly foods such as, cooked carrots, carrot cake, peas & carrots
Hobbies: Reading, playing hopscotch with my friends
Favorite sport: Track and Field – Reigning champion for the long Jump and the hundred meter Dash
Best Friends: Roger Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Thumper
Likes: Carrots, spending time with my very large family, laying in the grass, jelly beans, showing off his two front teeth, Easter “chicks”, Blue Bunny Ice Cream
Dislikes: magicians, lucky rabbit foot key chains
Most Memorable moment: Getting braces by the best orthodontist around, Dr. Brown!



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